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Saving Money with Rugs

Saving Money with Rugs

If our price match promise isn’t enough for you, there are additional ways to save money on a rug. Saving money doesn’t always mean limiting your options however, so here are some ideas below.


A rug with more material will of course be more expensive, hence why thinner rugs are better. However, although a thicker rug can be more luxurious underfoot and increase insulation, a thinner rug compensates by allowing underfloor heating to be more effective. In addition, thinner rugs work better year in the warmer months of the year when shaggier piles are too much for your feet. Overall, a thin or medium rug is still effective enough to protect against cold and hard flooring but without breaking the bank.


Similarly to thick rugs, larger rugs also use more material and so are more costly. A small rug however can be adaptable to many rooms. A large element in making a small rug look good is the placement of it. If you place it in the centre of a collection of furniture – like sofas and armchairs – it can create a central point. Make sure the furniture surrounds it in a fashion that is not too close as this causes cramping, and not too far away as this will not compliment the rug. Other places to use a small rug are in front of doorways, sinks, ovens, bookcases or fireplaces. All it takes is a little creativity and a small rug can fit perfectly in your home whilst saving you money and complimenting your decor!

Material and Manufacturing Method

Some materials and manufacturing methods cause production costs to rise, and many rug makers reflect this onto the consumer. Hand made rugs are a perfect example of this, due to the additional labour needed for the process. Machine made rugs may be a better option for those on a budget, as well as having the advantage of looking more uniform and having less chance of human error. Traditional rugs are often more expensive due to the way they are made, but modern imitation varieties are available for less. Materials like wool or cowhide are more costly, so again imitations may be desired to save money and be more ethical.

These methods of saving money may be more suited to those who simply want the look of a rug and care slightly less about practicality. If you want a rug for a warmer home or another specific practical purpose, it may be more difficult to save money. If you have any questions, call our friendly team on 0333 577 6694.

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