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Rugs vs Carpet

Rugs vs Carpet

When furnishing your home, it is likely - especially at this time of year - that you prefer something warm, soft and comforting underfoot. Not only does this help make a house a home, but the warmth reduces energy bills and the softness soothes tired feet after a long day. Due to monetary constraints, or if you have a gorgeous wood floor that you don’t want to cover up, you may be wondering if it is in fact better to get a rug instead of a carpet for these benefits. Read on to find out which would be best for you!


If you are struggling with money, a whole new carpet may not always be realistic. Luckily, area rugs can be large enough to cover entire floors in smaller rooms, creating the effect of a carpet. Leaving a border around the room is optional in this scenario, and is much more difficult to achieve with carpet. This will help cut costs in comparison to carpet. If your heart is firmly set on carpet however, you can still get one for less by purchasing remainders of discontinued lines, or remnants that are big enough to fill your room. Alternatively, if you usually walk or rest your feet on the same section of flooring, you could use a rug in this area only without requiring a full carpet - for example the foot of your favourite chair/couch seat. It’s all about getting creative when it comes to saving money!

Current flooring

Your current flooring is also a big factor - sometimes warmth and softness is what you want, but you have a gorgeous and historic oak floor that would be criminal to cover up! In this case, we think rugs are best. This way you can get the best of both worlds whilst still having the benefits of a warm and homely feel. Think about your home’s value too if you are considering covering your current flooring - rugs are much less permanent and convenient to remove if you want to sell in future.


This easy removal makes rugs also much more convenient than carpet, and they are just as easy to lay down! All you need is some double sided rug tape for stability. Carpets and even carpet tiles can have a lengthy installation process, although this can be done by yourself easily if you have the time and the tools. Have kids or pets that make a mess? Again, rugs may be better, as some can simply be placed in the washing machine or removed and scrubbed without causing damage to the flooring underneath.

You should also consider your enjoyment of redecorating and how often you will carry this out in future. If you like a change every year, stick to rugs. This prevents tying you down to certain decor themes and colours that would need to match a carpet, as rugs are cheap and convenient enough to simply replace as necessary. If you hate redecoration, carpet is brilliant to use, providing a comforting constant in your home. If you are unsure about whether or not you will redecorate soon, use a neutral tone of carpet or rug to match with any choice you make. Neutral tones include brown, beige, black, white and grey.

We hope this guide has helped decide which is best for you. Whichever you decide on, you can get here, or over at our sister company Luxury Flooring & Furnishings, who now sell a large range of budget and luxury carpets!

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