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Rugs As Wall Decor

Rugs As Wall Decor

Sometimes, it isn’t always possible to use a rug on your floor. Your room could be too small even for the smallest rugs, you can’t find one to blend in with your carpet, or maybe you just had some nice flooring installed and you don’t want to cover it up. Either way, rugs can be more than just a soft and comfortable item, but a decorative piece that can also improve insulation when hung up on the walls. This is currently a trend amongst those who enjoy travel and like to embrace other cultures, so is the perfect way to showcase your interests and personality through interior design.

The Trend of The Wall Rug

Traditionally, this trend was popular with oriental and Persian rugs for centuries among those who travelled a lot. They would take their rugs with them and use them to create colour, insulation, sound-proofing, and a sense of home no matter where they were, as well as open up opportunity for personal stories to be told. Since then, the rugs in question have shrunk in size, and have been used as a way to connect to one’s roots. In urban and shared housing, the trend became popular amongst young people from the 1960’s onwards to drown out noisy neighbours, cover up poor conditions such as mould or the absence of wallpaper, and help showcase the identity of subcultures such as hippies. Nowadays, rugs are used as wall art by those who wish to drown out noise, insulate the home, and showcase their love for travel and culture, culminating all the past purposes for wall rugs and then some.

Where Do I Put It?

It is common to use a rug in your living room for the aforementioned reasons. They can also show off identity to guests and create a talking point, as guests frequent the living room more than any other. The bedroom is also ideal, as this is a place where you can showcase your personality and tastes as well as making yourself feel comfortable and surrounded by sources of happiness. Any room where you often have guests is also recommended, aside of course form bathrooms or kitchens where water or food splashes may ruin the rug.

Choosing The Right Rug

As traditional rugs have the most personality, are more common for wall hanging, and have greater history behind them, they are recommended over shaggy or modern rugs. They will tell a story, create a bigger talking point, and simply look the best to most people for these reasons. Modern rugs can be used if they have traditional inspired patterns, or if you prefer a more abstract look, more art-type people may go for this instead. Plain rugs are generally not used, and neither are shaggy rugs due to their higher weight, despite the fact they would provide more insulation. Ultimately, the decision looks-wise is down to you - not everything has to be popular and trendy to be attractive! We do however strongly recommend using large rugs simply to cover the space well, and as thin a rug as possible for easier hanging and to save money. A more expensive thicker rug is also unnecessary as the rug won’t be worn down through walking so won’t need the extra pile.

We have plenty of rugs just perfect for your walls, and we recommend starting here. Whichever you decide on, you can be assured that quality and beauty will be provided from Rug Mountain!

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