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Placement Of Living Room Rugs

Placement Of Living Room Rugs

In a living room, there are a lot of decisions to make when choosing a rug. One of these is placement - where do you put it?! Well, this all depends on the size of the rug, the size of your room, and what furniture you have. We think it is best to create a section in the room where couches, chairs and side tables face each other in a hollow square shape (a square with one side missing), and a coffee table in the centre. This creates a hub for socialising that is both functional and homely, but of course if you don’t have a coffee table, or have a corner sofa, there are different ways to arrange this whilst keeping the general shape. There are three main types of popular arrangement with this furniture, as below.

Front and Back Legs On A Rug

In this arrangement, a rug will cover a large area, and all legs of the couches, chairs and tables will be on the rug. This works best in large rooms or open plan rooms, as a minimum of 15cm has to also be left each side of the furniture edges for proportion. This also means the furniture group on the rug should be floating rather than against a wall when using this look. A layout like this helps unify the furniture and anchor a room.

Front Legs Only On A Rug

This arrangement works best without side tables and in a smaller area. It can be used when furniture is touching a wall, but also works well when there is a small gap between the wall and furniture grouping. It involves only the front legs of couches and chairs being on the rug, and the back legs on the floor behind. The rug should go up to one third or half way under the furniture to better tie it together, as opposed to only just having the front legs touching. A coffee table in the middle can still be used effectively, especially larger ones. It is important to choose a rug that isn’t too large for your room here - before buying one, arrange your furniture in a way that looks proportional, than measure the area where the rug would go in this layout, making sure you account for the space just behind the front legs.

Coffee Table Only On A Rug

With this arrangement, narrow and small spaces are best complimented, with the rug making them appear larger as well as more cosy rather than cramped. Furniture in the grouping can all be against a wall, as long as the rug extends a good amount beyond each side of the coffee table. It is best to arrange the area and visualise or mark out where a rug should cover before deciding on a size, as the area between the furniture and therefore the size that looks most proportional differs for everyone. Simply put, as long as the rug ties the space together without touching the surrounding furniture, it will look good. If a coffee table is too large for the area between the furniture grouping, this rug arrangement still works without a table. Just remember to work with the space you have got and be creative if you need to!

To get an idea of which arrangement works best in your home, use tape to mark out the area in which you want your rug to go. Otherwise call our friendly team for advice, and browse our collection to see which of our beautiful rugs will best do the job!

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