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Late 2018 Rug Trends

Late 2018 Rug Trends

Many trends are becoming popular as winter closes in, and most are inspired by the recent influx of designer collaborations with different rug manufacturers. It is argued such collaborations have made rugs a lot more popular, introducing a whole new generation of people to the classic home furnishing. Big hits appeared to be specific patterns, colours and materials, which we shall explore below to keep you up to date with the hottest trends in the interior design world.


Patterns prevent a space becoming drained of life, which it can be argued plain rugs are a cause of in larger or high end homes. Instead, edgy patterns add an aesthetic that has the same effect as spice does in a recipe. They just give your home that something extra and separate the fashionable, glamorous and luxurious from the ordinary. Striped hall runners are an example of a popular rug - the less common hall runner already draws attention, whereas the stripes turn usually underwhelming hallways into a valuable space of their own. They also introduce a home well, being that hallways are normally the first place you see when entering a home.

Berber patterns are also huge right now - they add homeliness warmth to a cold winter home due to their use of colour and handmade look, as well as a textured appearance thanks to the pattern’s complexity. With this one, designers advise using bigger rugs to avoid crowding that patterns may cause when placed incorrectly. See our blog on rug placement to read more about this.


With the success of Wool Week 2018, wool has experienced an incredible surge in popularity. As we highlighted in our previous blog, there are many practical benefits to a wool rug, including durability and easy cleaning properties. Wool’s success may also be credited to the rise of environmentally friendly, renewable and plastic free lifestyles - being completely natural, the material fits in perfectly with people’s needs. Combining the aforementioned trend of patterns with wool rugs is possible, and will help cope with family life in terms of hiding dirt and reducing damage. However, if wool is too expensive for your budget, a nylon-wool blend may be an alternative. This is believed by many to give a more luxurious feel underfoot, and allows for different textures to be created in the manufacturing process for greater variety.


Pastels, smoky and muted colours are in, such as smokey grey, plum and cobalt blue. These give homes a touch of something different, luxurious and glamorous whilst remaining low-key. It is possible to use minimalist tones with vibrant geometric patterns for a contradicting yet stunning effect, and this is proving to be the most easy to achieve trend in interior design despite looking complex to achieve on the surface.

If you like the sound of any of these trends, you will be pleased to learn we stock patterned rugs, wool rugs, and coloured rugs here at Rug Mountain. Please browse our collection to find the perfect piece to finish off your home for the remainder of 2018.

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