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July’s Style Pick: Industrial Decor

July’s Style Pick: Industrial Decor

For this month’s blog, we have decided to focus on a style of decor that is timeless, slick and full of personality: The Industrial Look. This look works well in homes that have been converted from old workplaces, warehouses, or simply have metal stairs and beams or large windows that capture lots of attention. While many find this to be not very homely, we concur with others that find it brings a resourceful, hopeful and youthful atmosphere to a home when accented with the correct furniture and ornaments. But just how do you know what works with this layout? Read below to find inspiration.


Industrial looks are inspired by a specific period of time in which the industrial revolution took place. Because of this, furniture usually reflects that of the time (the 1800’s), or alternatively a more modern adaptation using wood or metal that was commonplace during this period. For example, couches can be vintage and 1800's style, or a more modern leather couch with dark brown wooden frames and arm rests (see images). Both encapsulate the industrial look in that they reflect the fashion of the time, or use the materials that would have been available then. Similarly, tables can be entirely metal for a more modern industrial look, or made from rustic wood with metal legs for the traditional style. Chairs are often intentionally misshapen or rustic for an authentic appearance, and can again see wood, leather and metal working together. Shelves are best made from reclaimed storage crates, pallets, or metal cages. If you can make your own furniture using things you have laying around, this will add to the authentic industrial look of your home, as well as giving you unique and practical pieces to be proud of.

Walls and Floors

Flooring is a large part of the industrial look. If you inhabit a space that is industrial already, you may be lucky enough to have old wood flooring that has been in place for a century or more. If not, reclaimed wood is a great way to replicate this authenticity, or a brand new reclaimed wood imitation for a longer lifespan, such as the Parador Trendtime Globetrotter laminate displayed on the right. Black tiles may be better for the modern industrial look, especially if you are using wooden furniture more than metal and want to darken the room a bit more. A light grey, plain or lightly patterned rug works well in an industrial space, as well as traditional pieces if you wish to add a pop of colour to the space. Distressed rugs work well too - you can find plenty of suitable rugs on our website (the CON654, CON1104 and TRAD108 are our favourites)!

For the walls, we recommend black metro tiles if the space you inhabit doesn’t already have authentic industrial walls. Alternatively, white painted bricks, or flat, painted walls work well too. Make sure the colour chosen reflects the amount of light in the room - black, dark blue, grey and beige all work great when there is plenty of natural light, but we recommend using white or light grey walls if the light is limited.

Ornaments and Decorations

Finally, ornaments and decorations complete the style best of all - if possible, we recommend buying or making your own unique pieces for the best effect. Wall art like world maps, old fashioned posters, abstract art pieces and roman numeral wall clocks add to the atmosphere well, especially when juxtaposed with lanterns, reclaimed-pipe ornaments, and metal lampshades that expose the bulbs such as the ones displayed here. Candles should be used if possible, as well as old fashioned kettles, toasters and other appliances. Use old crates, pipes and pallets to make storage boxes or shelving and look for authentic vintage pieces in antique shops to really put the icing on the cake. In terms of colour, try to match the colour used on your rug if this was different to the furniture, and more importantly, choose what you think works best with your home and personal tastes. As the rest of the decor will be neutral black, brown and grey, any colour will work without clashing.

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