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How to Prevent Fireplace Embers From Damaging Your Rug

How to Prevent Fireplace Embers From Damaging Your Rug

If you own a fireplace, you may feel slightly on edge about getting a rug in the same room. Although rug damage and fire hazards are a real concern, they can be vastly reduced, and it is worth doing so to take advantage of one of the cosiest rug placements in the home. A rug at the foot of a fireplace also compliments the glow and warmth of the flames for the ultimate ‘at home’ feel - so to help you achieve this, we below offer our best tips on reducing ember damage, fixing damage, and avoiding fire hazards.

Preventing Damage

Prevention is better than a cure! The most obvious way to avoid embers splashing out onto your rug is to use a fireguard. These can be as cheap as £12 and come in a variety of styles so you don’t need to worry about them ruining the aesthetic of your home. They also allow the warmth and appearance of the flames to remain the same but with additional safety for your children, pets and of course your rug! Temporarily rolling your rug out of the way is another way to prevent embers when starting, putting out, or poking a fire, and is easy enough if the rug isn’t taped down. This is also a good way of preventing ash damage when cleaning out the fireplace. Overall, choosing a fire, flame or burn resistant rug in the first place is a great place to start. This includes several materials and styles, the most popular being treated wool, fibreglass, and shorter piled rugs, but be sure to research your rug to make sure before buying.

Fixing Damage

If the worst comes to worst and your rug does get burnt by embers, luckily there are ways to fix it. A straight forward method is cutting out the burnt fibres - but this could create an uneven look, so fibres or a whole patch in more concealed areas should also be removed and glued/taped on to the newly cut area. That being said, finding a concealed space on a rug that lies in front of a fireplace may be difficult. Another method therefore is sanding the area down and then vacuuming the residue, but may only be suitable for smaller areas. There are solutions for cleaning away burns online if neither of these methods work, but always make sure your rug material will not react badly to the solution. If your rug has been damaged by ash or soot, check out our cleaning blog here for some tips.

Fire Safety

Although people have used rugs near fireplaces for hundreds of years, there are still precautions to take just in case - it’s better to be safe than sorry! As we stated earlier, more fire retardant rugs include treated wool, fibreglass and low pile rugs, so these are advised for peace of mind. Again, a fireguard is advised, as well as not placing your rug too close to the fire. We would advise 50cm (18 inches) as a minimum. If you still feel weary, place a bucket of sand/water or a fire extinguisher in the room for extra peace of mind.

The aforementioned low piled and wool rugs are available on our site. Here’s an extra tip - use red and darker tones such as brown for a more homely feel that will compliment the dimmed glow of the flames!

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