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How To Choose A Rug For Your Living Room

How To Choose A Rug For Your Living Room

As the most sociable room in the house, living room design is vital to get right. Any guests you have over will often form impressions on you and your home based on this, in terms of personality, taste and sophistication. On the other hand, it is also somewhere you and your family likely go to relax, so living room design needs to contribute towards this too. One way to make an aesthetic impact is through a rug – these are often the centerpiece of a room and can tie different colours together, whilst simultaneously improving comfort and style. That is why we have written this handy guide for choosing a living room rug.

Colour and Patterns

If possible, it is much better to choose a rug first and then build the room’s décor around that. That way, you can choose from a wider variety of colours and patterns on a rug that won’t clash with décor that already exists. It is preferable to choose a rug colour that has a homely feel for maximum cosiness, such as warm neutral tones like brown, but your personal style is priority. The important part is matching décor – any primary and secondary tones in a rug should be matched throughout the room, in items such as cushions, curtains and ornaments. The room will look more uniform and fitting this way. For patterns, remember that with a patterned rug, the less patterned furniture the better to avoid overcrowding. Patterns will add more character and personality to a room, particularly if in bright and bold tones, but these may not be enjoyed by all guests or create the most relaxing atmosphere.

Size and Layout

Layout is the most important thing to get right, as even the untrained eye will notice a poorly placed rug. Firstly, the rug must be centralized in order to be balanced in a room. If it can’t be centralized, then it should be in the centre of furniture that is aligned. Furniture must also be placed on top of it, if only by the front two legs. This will stop the rug from ‘floating’ in the room, and look more fitting, but it is important that the furniture does not outsize the rug, otherwise it will be overwhelming. For this reason, it is important to measure furniture and choose an appropriate rug size before buying. Luckily at Rug Mountain, we stock rugs of various sizes of the same design, so the rug you have your eye on will likely suit your home!


Finally, rug type is important. The same principles apply as non-living room rugs, in that a shaggy rug should not be used in a busy space as the pile will be ruined, and traditional or modern rugs should be fitted appropriately based on colour and pattern, as explained earlier. In terms of material, wool rugs are ideal to add warmth and a softer feeling underfoot, both of which make for a cosy feel that is perfect for living rooms.

So, are you ready to put a rug in your living room? Check out our specially selected living room rug collection here.

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