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How Heartwood Can Improve a Home

How Heartwood Can Improve a Home

Many people have not heard of the colour Heartwood, which was recently crowned Dulux's Colour of the Year 2018. It can be described as a dark and warm tone with a hint of purple, but is overall neutral enough to pair well with any decor. With winters seeming to last longer every year, and the need for cosiness during those long and relaxing summer nights, the warmth and comfort provided through heartwood can really improve any home. There are four main interior styles suggested by Dulux that use this shade, and here we explain how a heartwood rug can be incorporated in a home, or indeed how a heartwood theme can accommodate a rug of another colour.

The Full Heartwood Theme

This theme allows you to feel at ease, due to the calming and serene nature of heartwood that fills the majority of the room. It should be incorporated in walls though wallpaper, and complimented with brown wooden or wood effect flooring and wooden cabinets. Blue should be included in cushions for example, and rugs in this theme should match this, or cream/white couches in order to lighten up the space and bring in more positivity and depth. The idea here is to create a harmonious neutral and natural look, as well as keeping more modern and popping tones intwined. Rugs here should be shaggy too, to add texture to the smooth look of the walls and flooring which adds a comforting contrast. Overall, this look works in large intimidating spaces, but it is essential to balance the colours correctly, with focus on light and dark browns, subtle light and dark pinks, friendly greys, some deep blues, and cream/white with undertones of purple.

An Inviting Look

In this look, comfort and convenience are king. They draw you in and make you want to relax in the warmth, and heartwood plays a small but vital role in this. It is important that it is subtle and scarce in order to make way for natural brown, cream, green and blue tones that make the theme so inviting. Natural light compliments this look well, offsetting the darker heartwood tones with lightness - but at the same time the heartwood prevents the light from overwhelming the room. Rooms with less light should use more pastel tones. Use a heartwood rug in social spaces, living rooms or dining rooms in order to incorporate the tone to this theme in a subtle manner, and create an inviting look that makes visitors feel welcome with little effort. Also use this theme alongside plants and other natural decor. Overall, for a calming modern yet natural look that is easy to create for those new to interior design, choose this option.

The Comforting Home

For this theme, heartwood should be incorporated in a rug to make way for more happy and light tones to dominate. The aim here is to make a home comforting by shutting out noise, create a haven for relaxation, and to enjoy a mature luxurious atmosphere. To achieve this, it uses warm wooden tones, natural furniture and decorations (e.g. plants), and elegant terracotta and golden shades. The main aspect of this theme however is touch - rich textures of luxurious leather and silk should be combined with a shaggy rug underfoot to fully incorporate a calming effect. Elegant and serene, this look is overall best for those who need the energy and versatility of floral pinks and bright yellows, but still wish to feel safe and calm.

The Playful Home

Finally, for a more playful look, heartwood can be incorporated in either the rug, or in other decor that a rug can be used to compliment. Positivity, ambition and energy are brought into rooms with this theme, making it perfect for creative spaces or rooms in which you recharge. The heartwood can be arranged in two ways - as a clear colour that pops and draws attention; or alternatively as a subtle accent colour that makes neutral rooms less plain. In the former, heartwood will be incorporated heavily into the walls and furniture, and in which case a light brown rug for example is recommended. In the latter, heartwood rugs should be used, as these spaces tend to be minimal and artistic, and the heartwood is more of a secondary accent colour. Modern style rugs are ideal in either option, as both are highly modern and don't focus heavily on comfort. This look is thus the most versatile, allowing you to use neutral limestone tones to yellows, greens and golds for an artistic, modern and characterful look that can stimulate the mind or aid concentration.

Some of our favourite heartwood rugs can be found here, here and here. For other complimentary rug shades listed throughout, browse our website.

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