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FAQs - Your Rug Questions

FAQs - Your Rug Questions

We often get people contacting us to ask the same questions about rugs. From the type of rug, to style, to suitability the lifestyle they have, we have heard it all! As much as we love being helpful, it would be a lot more convenient for our customers to just get all the answers in one place - as a result, you can find answers to our most common questions below!

1. Why Is My Rug Slipping?

If your rug moves as you walk on it, it is likely due to the backing not creating enough friction on the floor. This is common with some natural materials and slippery floor surfaces, but you simply need to apply some rug tape or rug underlay to prevent the issue. Rug tape is especially cheap, and can be found for around £3 or less from more stores that stock homeware or DIY materials.

2. Why Is My Rug Shedding?

This is more common amongst wool rugs or shaggy rugs, but does not mean your rug is low quality as some may think! New rugs often shed due to the manufacturing process, but this should reduce over time. If your rug is shedding despite being older, this is likely due to the traffic the rug receives. We recommend rotating the rug every once in a while to make sure wear is evened out, or alternatively move the rug to a lower traffic area if you feel the need. Remember to clean your rug regularly to remove loose pile.

3. Which Rug Should I Choose For My Home?

As this can cover many aspects, we have a range of blog posts to help you. We have categorised them into decor & design advice, room specific advice, making decisions, saving money, and rugs explained - which helps you find out general information about each type of rug. There are other categories on our main blog page too, so if you feel like checking these out, head over to www.rugmountain.com/news when you have finished this one.

4. Why Should I Buy From Rug Mountain?

We stock the lowest priced rugs in the UK and Europe thanks to the price match promise applied to the thousands of rugs we stock. We focus on high quality yet low price, and can offer fantastic value due to the good relationship we have with our suppliers, and cost saving from being an online company. In addition, we offer free delivery, international delivery, a 30 day returns policy and of course our rug dictionary and blog are always on hand to keep you informed on the latest trends, practical advice, and to help discover which rug is best for you!

Please browse our website to find modern, shaggy, traditional and natural rugs for all decors and tastes, and as always, contact us if you have any more questions.

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