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Square Rugs

Square rugs are the perfect shape if you’re looking for a traditional rug that can cover a wider area. Their shape make them perfect for living rooms and dining rooms that have a typically square floor plan and can help to accentuate furniture pieces nicely.

If you’re looking for a traditional rug then square is the right shape for you. Its standard shape makes it easy to incorporate in to homes, especially in lounges or dining rooms since they compliment that social space furniture nicely. Or, even if you’re simply looking to fill a blank space in the centre of a room, then a square rug is your answer.

Their familiar shape means they are easy to use in any room whether it be a bedroom or kitchen. A square rug will complete your home design and create a harmonious aesthetic. Make sure that you measure your space accurately however, as a square rug will need the right amount of space in your room, especially if you are looking for a large one.

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