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Small Rugs

Small rugs are perfect for rooms with less available space while still giving you all the benefits a rug can offer. Small rugs can offer you a comfortable living space without dominating the room and are the ideal choice for smaller properties including flats and even some children's bedrooms.

If you’re limited for space but still want to reap the benefits of a rug, then opting for a small rug is perfect for you. A small rug will take up just enough space in a smaller room that can sometimes even make the room feel larger through the illusion of a larger seeming floor space in comparison to the rug.

Small rugs are also good for rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens which can benefit from that homely touch. As a design piece, small rugs are perfect for building on textures and designs and can help you to build a strong aesthetic at the envy of home-lovers everywhere.

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