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Large Rugs

If you have space for a large rug, they are a fantastic way of bringing in some colour and texture to a room. Large rugs are a great way of adding some comfort to your floor if you have a tiled or wood floor or any other kind of hard surface. Large rugs are a great style choice that warm up a room and allow you to work with accent colours and accessories seamlessly.

If you have space for a large rug you can work comfortably with bold colours thanks to the extra space you have in a room. A large backdrop can add a splash of that much needed colour to tie a room together. Large rugs are statement pieces. Because of their size, they allow you to be more open to different designs as they have space for various different styles on it’s surface.

It is always important to properly measure for a rug. If you want a large rug, make sure you have meticulously measured the room you intend it to go in to guarantee it will fit. As well as this, sometimes rug dimensions can sound different when reading them online. You may think a large rug will suit your home, but take time to measure it out and see how much room it will actually be taking up to avoid you having to return a product.

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