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Bathroom Rugs

Deciding to have a rug in your bathroom is an excellent way of bringing back some comfort to a typically cold room. With tiled bathroom floors, it can be a nightmare when the floor becomes wet. Wet tiles, especially if they are non-slip, can become risky when puddles form from showers or baths for example.

A rug in your bathroom will immediately improve the aesthetic by bringing a more homely atmosphere. Typically, bathrooms can be seen as quite cold rooms thanks to the tiles. This is where a rug can massively help - not only will it make the room feel warmer, but it will also keep your feet from coming in to contact with tiles straight out of the bath or shower. Similarly, a rug in your bathroom will also greatly help to reduce those slips and falls that can potentially happen in bathrooms. This gives a bathroom rug both style and practicality.

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