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Washable Mats

We are currently out of stock of washable mats. We do however stock rugs that can be washed in the washing machine with cold water on a gentle cycle. Any rug made of cotton or synthetic fibres is included in this, so be sure to look through our rug collection to find these. Quick tip: The small rugs section includes mat-sized options so make a great alternative.

Whether they be door or bath, mats can become dirty quite quickly. They look great, but they do also need to be maintained as with any rug or carpet for example. That’s why a washable mat comes in handy. As soon as it needs cleaning you can simply put it either in the washing machine or wash by hand in no time.

Washable mats save you a lot of time long-term and will likely improve the life of your mat since it is so easy to clean. Unlike other mats, washable mats will give you that peace of mind that no matter how dirty it gets or how many things are dropped on it, it is cleaned with ease and can be put back down on your floor good as new.

Make sure you always read and follow the label instructions for each individual mat. Every mat will have its own cleaning requirements from washing machine settings to whether it needs to be hand washed to preserve its quality.

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