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Washed and Faded Modern Rugs

The vintage and rustic aesthetics are very much still experiencing a period of popularity in the interiors world. A great way of emulating this look is with the use of a washed and faded rug. The look of a washed rug gives the appearance of a much older rug that has had a few years use. This is great for those rustic homes that want to get that same great look, but with a new, plush rug instead.

These rugs give off a gorgeously aged appearance that works wonders for vintage deigns. These rugs give that same great look of a rug that has seen some use, but instead has the same texture and life of a brand new rug. These rugs look stunning when matched with modern furniture for a slightly Scandinavian look that is also incredibly popular at the moment.

Washed rugs are also more forgiving long term when it comes to wear and tear. Since they already have a weathered appearance, they are less likely to ever show visible signs of ageing since that is part of their unique aesthetic. Long-term this is great for you as it will mean you can get even more years out of your rug without anyone noticing that it is becoming worn.

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