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Round Modern Rugs

A round rug is a stunning way of bringing in some softer curves to you home. Typically, modern homes focus a lot on clean cut and sharp edges - this is where a round rug comes to the rescue. The round shape helps to bring back that homely atmosphere by bringing back softer edges in rooms such as lounges and bedrooms.

If you’re wanting to create focal point within a room, a round rug is a great way of doing so. Round rugs can help to make a room feel more enclosed in larger spaces by drawing a design scheme together. Similarly, if you have a round coffee table for example, a round rug will compliment this nicely to create a stunning sense of fluidity within a room.

Round rugs are also great in children's bedrooms or playrooms. Their softer ergonomically minded lines are great for creating plush environments. The round shape also acts as a nice play area so should definitely be considered for modern children's rooms. For bedrooms however, try a round rug with a shaggier texture for that extra bit of luxury. Large round rugs under beds are great for making the bed the focal point in the room as well as giving you that great feeling underfoot when you get out of bed in the morning.

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