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Chevron Modern Rugs

In case you missed it, the chevron pattern has become massively popular recently thanks to its modern and trendy pattern. Along with herringbone floors, chevron rugs bring a beautiful sense of fluidity to a floor or room. This can help to elongate a smaller room and create a great sense of dimension too.

The chevron pattern has massively taken off in the interiors world thanks to its distinctive and eye catching design. The chevron works so beautifully because it can bring a sense of life to a room. Its alternating pattern and colours give a stunning design that works wonders for both larger and smaller rooms. For smaller rooms, it can help to lengthen a floor thanks to its continuous repeated pattern. Whereas in larger rooms, it can enclose a space slightly to better define a room. This is especially great if you have an open plan style as a chevron rug can help to compartmentalise different areas of the room by function. Any modern home can be completed nicely with the use of a chevron rug.

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