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Small Modern Rug

Small rugs are great if you are working with smaller rooms or properties. The smaller rugs give you that comfortable and cosy living space while helping to keep your home looking and feeling modern. Working with smaller spaces shouldn’t be hard, which is why the small rug is so incredibly popular.

Small rugs aren’t as tiny as you might first assume. Rather, they are just a little smaller than a regular sized rug. Ultimately, you can get whatever dimensions you like, it’s all up to you. Generally, a smaller rug will help accentuate other elements in your room like a statement table or a sofa for example.

Other rooms that small rugs are perfect for bathrooms. Using a rug in your bathroom will help to bring warmth to your floor as well as helping to reduce slips and falls if you have tiled floors. Similarly, smaller bedrooms or children's bedrooms would benefit from a smaller rug as it will look far more proportionate than a larger rug.

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