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White Modern Rugs

The ultimate modern shade, white immediately brings that minimalism to your home that all modern homes strive for. While white isn’t technically a colour, it can still bring that much needed class and sophistication to your home. Easily paired with other colours, white is an incredible choice for your next rug.

White rugs can often seem intimidating to homeowners, especially those who have children or pets. This is because white is fairly unforgiving when it comes to stains and marks. We would recommend avoiding a white rug if you do have children and pets so to avoid any potential irreversible damage to this delicate coloured rug. Opt instead for black, brown or grey, which maintain the neutral and modern minimalist atmosphere without acquiring noticeable damage.

Instead, use a white rug in lounges or bedrooms where you’re less likely to be wearing shoes that could damage the colour. To avoid creating a cold atmosphere, pair your white rug with warmer furnishings to bring back that homely look. Alternatively, use white as part of a patterned rug to bring that modern look with just a hint of fluidity that a pattern can achieve.

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