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Terracotta Modern Rugs

If you’re wanting to bring a little bit of warmth in to your home then a terracotta rug is perfect. It’s gorgeous orange and brown undertones give you a homely atmosphere that is ideal for bringing back a little bit of nature to your home.

Terracotta can be married nicely with whites and greys in particular for that blend old and new. The warmth of the terracotta offsets the cooler tones of greys and whites beautifully. As a colour, terracotta is often associated with Spanish culture, so is great choice if you’re looking to bring some mediterranean style to your home.

As previously mentioned, terracotta works wonderfully with modern colours such as whites and greys. In particular these colours work well together when used in a pattern. Patterned rugs are hugely popular right now and can help you to achieve a contemporary and attractive aesthetic in your home.

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