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Teal Modern Rugs

If you’re wanting a pop of luxurious and vibrant colour, then a teal rug is exactly what you’re looking for. The perfect mix of green and blue, teal gives a stunning colour that brings a calming atmosphere to a room. Colours are huge in the interiors world right now, so a teal rug will help to elevate your home to modern status instantly.

Generally speaking, teal rugs have cooler undertones that pair beautifully with whites, grey and blacks, affording you the opportunity to work with that modern palette. The cooler colours blend together seamlessly but also work well when a teal rug has warmer purple undertones too.

In terms of accessories, teal rugs work with metallics for an industrial or shabby chic finish. This is great for achieving specific designs and will help to build a strong overall aesthetic. Additionally, teal rugs will show less wear and tear over the years when compared to a paler rug, giving you incredible value for money in terms of product life.

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