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Red Modern Rugs

Nothing screams modernity more than a daring red. The colour has a flair for the dramatic and looks stunning in modern properties. Its rich and vibrant colour lends itself to working as a feature piece in a room and lets you work with harmonious colour to blend seamlessly. A true modern staple piece, a red rug is a stunning addition to your home.

Helping to brighten up rooms, red rugs are an excellent way of bringing in some much needed warmth to a room. Our collection of red rugs range from a brighter eye-catching hue to subtler more toned down reds. All of which will help to modernise your home.

With the interiors world moving further and further away from those traditional beiges and creams, get ahead of the game with a red rug to give your home that trendy edge. Red rugs look best in rooms such as lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms; anywhere you like to socialise or relax.

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