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Purple Modern Rugs

As a colour, purple is very luxurious and can bring beautiful definition to a room. In particular, purple rugs can act as a statement piece on your floor by bringing modernity without having to opt for those more traditional whites or lighter colours.

Purple rugs are a great feature piece to a room and give you a chance to work with accent colours beautifully. Purple works well with white, grey, black as well as yellows and greens for a more contrasting effect. Purple rugs work well in lounges and dining rooms where you want to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Similarly, bedrooms are great for purple rugs for promoting that toned down and calming atmosphere.

Darker purples create mature and trendy looks whereas lighter purples are better suited for children’s bedrooms or playrooms as it has more youthful connotations. Both shades have their advantages and work to create stunning looks with modern influences.

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