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Orange Modern Rugs

As a colour, orange is both rich and vibrant bringing with it a boldness and liveliness not found in other colours. Orange works beautifully with white for that stark contrast which helps offset each other nicely. Orange and white are typically thought of as a fairly modern combination and will give your floor a great finishing aesthetic.

Since orange is a striking colour, it works perfectly in social spaces that encourage a positive atmosphere. A living room or dining room for example would be an excellent choice for a modern orange rug. In particular, a patterned orange rug will help to further that modern look by combining both colour with geometric shapes for a great finish.

Other harmonious colours you can match your modern orange rug with include greys and blacks. If you are a little unsure about committing to such bold colours, then using a rug that combines orange with these colours will help to tone down the overall brightness.

If you choose to go for a modern orange rug you will be afforded the opportunity to work with stunning accent colours by using accessories including more orange, cooler tones as well as contrasting hues such as blues and greens.

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