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Grey Modern Rugs

As a colour, grey has taken off massively in the past few years, cropping up in modern interiors up and down the country. Its neutral and stylish tones make it incredibly adaptable to your home giving it a clean and neutral finish.

If you have a darker room then a grey rug could actually help to brighten up your floor space a bit if used in the right shade. The best thing about a grey rug is that it is the ideal in between of white and black, meaning you can get that same modern look without committing too much one way or the other to a bolder shade.

Grey rugs with cooler undertones are great for those slightly more clean cut looks whereas grey rugs with more purple undertones can bring a warmer atmosphere to a room. Grey can be matched to existing interiors and furnishings with ease thanks to its forgiving and adaptable shade. This is great if you are just looking for that finish touch a rug can bring as opposed to redecorating an entire room.

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