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Yellow & Mustard Rugs

A gorgeously vivid colour, yellow automatically brightens any room and can help darker rooms appear brighter by bringing in those much needed warmer tones. Yellow isn’t for everyone, but luckily there are plenty of shades of yellow from a bright sunshine to a darker mustard - there is truly a shade for everyone.

Yellow as a colour matches well with other lighter colours. For example a yellow rug would work wonders when matched with light floors and furniture such as a whitewashed floor or creams sofas. These complimentary colours offset the yellow rug to draw even more warmth to your home.

The colour yellow has a very youthful feel and fits particularly well in children’s bedrooms or playrooms. This is because yellow encourages activity and its energetic colour brings plenty of imagination and creativity. Alternatively, a lighter more pastel yellow can bring a lighter and more calmer atmosphere to a room. This shade looks lovely in conservatories or rooms that receive plenty of natural light for a more delicate look.

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