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White Rugs

White rugs help to create a lighter, spacious atmosphere to a room. In general, white is a colour that acts as a blank canvas from which you can build other colours and designs around. A white rug will greatly modernise your home as well as looking incredibly trendy and chic.

White rugs can often put homeowners off for the fear of the rug becoming easily stained or dirty. However the benefits of a white rug greatly outweigh these worries thanks to its stunning look. If you are worried about a white rug showing dirt more easily then consider the room you plan to use it in. A white rug is best used in rooms such as lounges or bedrooms where there is less footfall. As well as this, try to implement a 'no shoes' policy in the home or rooms where you have a white rug to limit the amount of dirt being dragged through your property.

Rather than thinking of white being a safe or ‘colourless’ choice think of it instead as an exciting blank canvas from which you can start to build and add colour throughout a room. To avoid creating a cold aesthetic, try matching your white rug with warmer colours in furniture such as sofas or chairs for example. Alternatively, pair a white rug with a monochromatic theme for that statement modern look. If you’re wanting your white rug to be the centre of attention in a room try a more shaggy rug for that added bit of texture and definition to the room.

A white rug creates a crisp, fresh look and when matched with warm floors such as a mid-oak wood or even a contrasting smoked wood floor, and adds a beautiful design feature to your home.

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