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Terracotta Rugs

If you’re looking to create an exotic and warm look to your home, a terracotta rug is a step in the right direction. Terracotta is a warm orange colour with brown undertones for a more natural look than a bold orange.

Terracotta rugs beautifully introduce a hint of that orange colour but slightly more toned down. Terracotta is typically associated with tiles and a Mediterranean feel which makes it the perfect colour for a rug when looking to emulate this look.

As a rug colour, terracotta brings that earthy tone and looks wonderful when used as part of a pattern. A pattern terracotta rug gives a classic and almost exotic look that, when paired with a dark wood floor, looks stunning. Similarly, wooden or woven accessory pieces used with plants and metallic furniture will create a truly exotic look.

If you’re looking for something more modern however, terracotta is a harmonious colour with whites and greys. These colours in a patterned rug gives a more modern look, but again, gives you that hint of warmer colour on a slightly softer level.

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