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Teal Rugs

The perfect combination of blue and green, teal gives a warm yet exciting splash of colour in your home. Its gorgeous, vibrant colour brings a warm yet stylish atmosphere to a room and will give you an excellent opportunity to work with accent colours and accessories.

Teal is a luxurious colour full of life and looks beautiful paired with whites and greys. You should consider a teal rug if you want to create a calming atmosphere that still affords you the chance to work with colour. Teal is perfect for lounges or bedrooms as it has a generally calming aesthetic.

Teal carpets in particular look great when paired with copper or other metallic accessories. This is perfect if you are trying to achieve a specific theme or look. A teal rug is incredibly easy to maintain. Unlike pale rugs, a colourful rug shows up imperfections less easily over time giving you excellent value for your money.

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