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Red Rugs

A dramatic colour, red can bring incredible amounts of warmth and style to your home. A rich colour, red instantly draws attention and can also help larger rooms feel cosier. Red has many different tones and can therefore offer you many different looks and styles. A brighter red will give you a bold and dramatic look whereas a darker more subtle red gives a luxurious and sophisticated aesthetic.

Red brightens up a room and works wonderfully with greys, blacks and whites. These colours work nicely in a pattern or geometric design as they compliment each other beautifully. If you’re very undecided as to whether you want to commit to such a bright colour you can always choose a more muted red. A darker red tends to lend itself to more traditional rugs that work in dated homes wonderfully, especially if these are patterned rugs.

These more traditional red rugs tend to feature floral designs that can feel right at home in a dining room or living room. This can look quite formal and regal and will give your home a classy edge. As well as this, a red rug can bring a floor to life and can transform an otherwise dull or empty floor space into an inviting environment.

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