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Purple Rugs

Purple is a strong colour that can add a bit of luxury and depth to a room. Its rich colour can help to create a statement piece in any room. If you’re looking to add a bit of modernity and colour to your room, a purple rug would be an excellent choice while also allowing you to work with a range of gorgeous accent colours and accessories.

If you're set on using the colour purple but you’re worried about the rug being too intense, try using a purple rug that incorporates other colours. Purple rugs that have patterns, stripes or geometric designs that use other colours can still inject purple whilst keeping it on a more subtle level. Texture also adds a massive difference to a room. A purple rug that is more shaggy will intensify the colour for that bold look. This might be a bit too much for a dining room for example, but would be perfect in a bedroom. This is especially true if you choose a purple rug that has a darker, richer shade.

Purple can sometimes be associated with femininity, however, this is largely a result of the shade you opt for. As previously mentioned, a darker shade of purple can create a cosy, mature and stylish look. A lighter purple on the other hand, like lilac, is more suited for a child's room as it is light and airy.

A purple rug is an incredible way of introducing a more exciting colour to a room and gives you the opportunity to work further with accent colours, furniture and accessories for a professional looking home that will strike envy in any visitor.

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