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Pink Rugs

Far from traditional, the pink rug can bring a dramatic and or whimsical feel to a room. Depending heavily on the tone of pink, you can create several different looks all of which offer a stunning aesthetic.

If you’re looking to create a sense of interest to a room, a pink rug would certainly be the way to do it. For a slightly more formal look try a more subtle pink as this will still add that hint of colour without committing entirely to a bold shade. These lighter coloured rugs help you to work with accent colours and build a light atmosphere.

A pink rug works beautifully in children's rooms where perhaps the bolder shades work best. Its lively and youthful tone brings a sense of excitement and play, especially when paired with designs such as animals or characters for a truly childlike look. Pink works nicely with other similar hues such as purples, blues and even greys. This means you can comfortably mix and match colours in a room and still have a harmonious palette.

Choosing a pink rug will certainly add a splash of colour and warmth to your home. It can also help to brighten and liven in a way other colours cannot. In short, pink rugs are a great style choice for any house or commercial property.

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