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Green Rugs

By choosing a green rug for your home you bring in a sense of nature into an indoor space. Green is definitely not a boring colour and its many different hues and tones can work with any number of designs and themes.

Green is typically thought of as being a calm and peaceful colour. Its beautiful shade can be easily matched with furniture and accessories already in your home. Green rugs can bring in a fresh and airy feel to your home and can work well when paired with a mustard yellow for a bright and happy feel to a room.

The many different tones of green can create many different looks. As previously mentioned, a green with a slightly more yellow undertone works nicely with mustard yellow accent accessories. Whereas a brighter, bolder green looks wonderful with light woods and whites for a more standout look. A bright green rug can bring excitement and liveliness to a room which is perfect for lounges, dining rooms or any other social spaces.

If you’re looking for a green rug with texture, try a shaggy rug. This combination of colour and texture can oftentimes simulate the look of grass to further encourage that nature theme. Alternatively a green rug can be very modern, for example, a patterned green rug will combine colours together for a more statement piece.

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