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Brown Rugs

If you’re after a warm and neutral colour a brown rug would be an excellent choice. Brown can often be thought of as a bland colour to be avoided, however, brown is actually a stunning rich colour that can bring a great amount of style to a room.

For a more luxurious tone, try a chocolate colour rug for that extra bit of warmth. The warm, inviting look of a brown rug can help to create a cosy and homely feel to any room. As well as this, a brown rug works exceptionally well with other natural colours and accessories. One of the best things about a brown rug, aside from its aesthetic benefits, is that it shows up dirt far less easily than a paler rug. Brown rugs will disguise any unavoidable scuffs and spills from everyday life while still maintaining its great look.

As a neutral colour, brown rugs therefore can be incorporated with nearly any colour scheme making their applications limitless. They can be easily used with any existing home design and are even easier to use with fresh designs. Brown rugs also look especially beautiful with a more shaggy texture for even more comfort and texture in a room.

Patterned brown rugs are often paired with similar colour tones such as beiges and creams for that iconic mix of the shades. Again, this allows you to work with more accent colours and can add a little bit of light to a room. If you’re worried a brown rug will darken your room, try looking at a patterned brown rug with the before mentioned colour combinations to add just that little bit of light.

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