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Blue Rugs

With the many different shades of blue you can create any number of looks. Blue has a typically happy and energetic feel that can bring life to an otherwise lacking room. Its natural colour is reminiscent of the sea and sky and you can bring that same relaxing atmosphere to your home by choosing a blue rug.

In terms of working with other colours, blue has undertones of grey and even greens depending on the shade. This makes the addition of a blue rug to a home very easy as it works nicely with other colours in your home. In particular, blue rugs work well with lighter coloured furniture and accessories such as light oak floors, chairs and tables.

Blue rugs makes lovely additions to lounges or sitting rooms as their relaxing tone can bring a calm atmosphere to a room. As well as this, a darker blue rug such as a royal or navy blue bring a luxurious feel and can warm a room despite its typically cool colour. As well as this, choosing a blue patterned rug, as with any patterned rug, will give you the opportunity to work with other colours that you can match furniture pieces to with ease.

Lighter and brighter blues work nicely in children's bedrooms or playrooms as blue is a playful and exciting colour that can stimulate play and imagination. A blue rug is therefore a great way of giving your kids a more fun room without committing to painting the walls a different colour or buying expensive new furniture.

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