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Black Rugs

If you’re looking to make a bold statement, a black rug is certainly to way to go. While it may be a daring colour, it still adds some elegance and sophistication to a room. If you’re bored of pastel and neutral tones, black is certainly a big step away from the traditional. The contrast of a dark rug against a lighter floor can give your room a striking look.

While a black rug will achieve all of the above things, try to avoid using it in already dark rooms or rooms with dark furniture or you will risk making your room look and feel dramatically smaller. If you’re desperately wanting a black rug but you are worried about the effect it will have on your room, try instead using a black rug that incorporates other colours as part of a pattern or design. This will add that little bit of that light or colour that you are worried about sacrificing.

While it may not seem it, black is a beautifully neutral colour. It can be combined harmoniously with nearly any colour and look seamlessly stylish. For a more toned down look try a black and grey, beige or brown rug for a slightly softer palette. If you’re fully committed to creating a bold design you can try a black and red, green or any other contrasting colour for a modern aesthetic.

Black rugs are easy to maintain as they won’t show up dirt and scuffs as easily giving you an excellent run for you money. This is fantastic for busy homes or homes with pets and children. All of these factors considered, the black rug is a gorgeous design feature that would suit absolutely any home.

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